Monday, August 21, 2017

The Ten days of Dhul Haj

Saudi Arabia declared that Wednesday 23/8/2017 will be the first day of Dhul- Hijjah.
Dear beloved Brothers and Sisters, there are best days in this world?
The Ten days of Dhul Haj. They are almost here
Starting from 23rd August. In Sha Allah.

Pls plan for those 10 days.

Plan what good deeds you will perform on these days?

If you are not conscious those days will run out and you won't even know. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.

It is the best 10 days to do business with Allah [SWT].
Grab as much rewards as possible - by doing good deeds, because any good deed "on these 10 have a reward better than fighting in the cause of Allah.

Below are some suggestions of some good deeds.
1. Give love to your parents, if you still have them. Make good provisions for them with a smile on your face. Make them feel special, just as they used to do when you were a kid.

2. Be carefully dutiful to your parents - one major sin after shirk is being undutiful to parents.

3. Go out of your way to provide for "dabah" e.g. birds and other animals with water & grains.

4. Distrbute water or food to other fasting Muslims in the Masjids around. You can also distribute cold satchet water to those working on the Sun - like laborers.

5. Observe congregational Salah (prayer) and try to be in the first row.

6. Make sure that throughout this days you avoid back biting and slandering.

7. Try to fast all 9 days, everyday you fast is like 70 years away from Jahanam. And it will help you stay away from Haram things ad well.

8. If you cannot make 10 days, then Fast at least the day of Arafah.
It wipes 2 years of sins.

9. On the day of Aarafa, recite the dua most beloved to Allah: "Laa ilaha ill allahu, wahdahu laa sharikalahu, lahul mulku walahul hamdu, wahuwa ala kullishaiin qadeer "

10. Give lots of Sadaqa within the 10days.

Read as much Quran as possible, and try to catch some of the meaning.


If you just want to listen audio then try

11. Stay away from Music and video songs and all that filth found on the web.

12. Don't waste your time on face book posts,it eats your time like the disease that eats healthy cells in the body.

13. Do Dawah and guide the Non Muslim brothers to the truth

14. Visit the sick - if you don't know anyone, just visit the hospital, where many are waiting in the hospital wards wishing for someone to just give a smile. And your asking about them will make their day.

15. Do as much adhkar as you can.

Tell someone about this or simply forward this to all you know, as most people don't know about these days or are in ignorance concerning it, or are busy with unimportant things.

Rasool Allah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said, "these are the best days in our dunya" and, in sha Allah, best days in aakhirah

I ask Allah to bless those who feel concerned about this message.

So Arafa day is on Thursday 31/8/2017
Friday 1/ 9/2017 is the day of Eid Ul-Adha(ileya) Insha'Allah.

May Allah accept our dua', accept our good deeds, forgive our transgressions, Protect all Islamic Countries and ease the suffering of all peoples around the globe!! Ameen

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